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S = Shop     M = Mobile     D = Dog     C = Cat     O = Other     B = Boarding

Name & Credentials City Business Name  Address Phone number Services Offered
Anita James Winnipeg Groomingdale's 10 - 3 Reender's Dr
2595 Main St
204-654-9955 S, D
Anny Wolfe Cleutinx Winkler Furry Fanny's Pet Grooming 166 11th St 204-384-5833 S, D, C
Bailey McDougall Winnipeg   Groomingdale's  10 - 3 Reender's Dr 204-654-9955 S, D, C, O
Bailley Parker Bowsman Bailley's Pet Grooming RR #2 204-731-0608 S, D
Camilla de Meyer Winnipeg Beach Sitting Pretty Canine Services 14059E PR229 204-389-5870 S, D, C, O
Carol Wearing  Arborg Woof N Hoof Ranch Box 4060  204-376-2734 S, D
Carol Yule  Stonewall Green Haven Pet Grooming 79051 Road 4 E 204-467-8796 S, D, C
Carolyn Hiraoka Winnipeg   The Green Dog Pet Grooming 337 Collegiate St 204-888-3647 S, D, C
Charlotte Shaw Winnipeg   Lynn Pet Professional  217 Brady Rd 204-487-3908 S, D 
Cher Smal East Selkirk Smal Bullies and Professional Grooming Box 429  204-482-4338 S, M, D 
Christine Willey Stonewall Bog Dogs Pet Grooming Box 4021 204-461-1973 S, D 
Courtney Nykoluk Winnipeg   Woofs N Wags 491 St Annes Rd 204-255-9247 S, D 
Dallas Kornelsen Winnipeg        
Dawn Fitelovitch
Winnipeg   Pride and Groom 569 Academy Rd 204-221-8569 S, D, C
Dayle Cottrell Balmertown, ON PawzWild 58 Lassie Rd 807-735-3492 S, D, C
Deborah Ross Steinbach Deb's Pet Care 32154 Hirschfeld Rd S 204-346-0933 In Home, D
Debra Hagan Seven Sisters Falls Distinctive Dog Grooming 63074 Provincial Rd 307 204-348-3104 S, D 
Demi-Raine Enns Lac Du Bonnet Divine Canine Grooming 55 McArthur Ave 204-345-9663 S, D 
Elizabeth Masi Winnipeg Canidae Mobile Pet-Sit & Groom   204-781-7781 M, D
Erica-Ashley Thompson
Winnipeg   Vada's Club K9 B-628 St Anne's Rd 204-221-0998 S, D 
Genelle McMillan Winnipeg Perfect Paws   204-228-3123 M, D, C
Hailie Emms Stony Mountain The Dazzling Dawg 73047 Rd 8 E 204-344-5662 S, D 
Jada Budz Morden  Town N Country Grooming 239 Stephen St  204-822-4787 S, D, C
Jadine Solomon
Winnipeg   Vada's Club K9 B-628 St Anne's Rd 204-221-0998 S, D 
Jenelle Pattern
Winnipeg         S, D
Jennifer Berry  Broad Valley Jenny and Paws Mobile Grooming Spa   204-739-6429 M, D 
Jessie Lavallee Altona A Furry Tail Ending   204-304-9229 S, D
Jessica Kydd Winnipeg Petland Superstores 100-2355 McGillivray Blvd 204-489-2009 S, D
Jessika Friesen  Altona Happy Skin & Coat 191 Poplar Dr 204-324-50-25 S, D, C
Jillian Fadun Winnipeg Lynn Pet Professional 217 Brady Rd 204-781-8569 S, D
Judy Robidoux Winnipeg   Best West Paw Spaw 492 St Anne's Rd 204-257-4044 S, D 
Karla Muyal Winnipeg   Don't FURget to Brush @ Groomingdale's Rivergrove 12-2595 Main St 204-334-5544 S, D, C
Kim Gibson
Winnipeg   Vada's Club K9 B-628 St Anne's Rd 204-221-0998 S, D 
Kim Kathler  Stonewall Doggone Amazing Pet Grooming 106 Tucks Rd 204-467-9635 S, D, C
Kirby Pearson Winnipeg   Husky Howllow Grooming @ Rivergrove Groomingdale's  12 - 2595 Main St 204-334-5544 S, D 
Laurel Fletcher Winnipeg The Pawsh Dog Inc 10-1580 Taylor Ave
133 Marion St
3242 Portage Ave
1103 Corydon Ave
204-261-9059 S, D
Lisa Derlago  Winnipeg   Lisa's Grooming @Princess Pooch 3- 915 McLeod Ave 204-783-4041 S, D 
Lisa Hercun Brandon Gizmur Pet Gear & Grooming 225 18th St N 204-573-9663 D, C, O
Lisa Lintick Kenville Lisa's Grooming   Box 36  204-731-1132 S, D, C
Lori Stefansson Winnipeg Pristine Pups 185 Vince Leah Dr 204-291-4070 S, O
Lucille Austria  Winnipeg         S, M, D, C
Mackenzie Scott-Clark Winnipeg   Grooming by Mackenzie 995 Main St 204-979-5529 S, D 
Mandy Overwater  Winnipeg   My Hollywood Dog Pet Grooming 1039 Charleswood Rd 204-895-1459 S, D 
Michelle Budz Morden  Town N Country Grooming 239 Stephen St  204-822-4787 S, D, C, O
Michelle Reader Winnipeg   Groomingdale's  10 - 3 Reender's Dr
2595 Main St
204-654-9955 S, D, C
Nicole MacDonald Winnipeg Nicole MacDonald Grooming 38 Moberly Ave 204-770-3664 S, D
Nicole Rosner
Winnipeg   Shake Your Tail Feather Grooming 20 - 62 Scurfield Blvd 204-396-7444 S, D 
Noelle Chartier Winnipeg Sophisticuts Dog Grooming by Noelle 767 St Mary's Rd 204-221-8532 S, D
Pam Monsigneur
Winnipeg   Vada's Club K9 B-628 St Anne's Rd 204-221-0998 S, D 
Pat Kuizenga Winnipeg   The Princess Pooch 3- 915 McLeod Ave 204-783-4041  
Rebecca Brennan-Borchardt
Winnipeg         S, D 
Rhea Meek  Winnipeg     131 Petriw Bay 204-694-6982 S, D, C
Rhiannon Kemp
Winnipeg The Pawsh Dog Inc. 3242 Portage Ave 204-832-1393 S, D
Rob MacFarlane West Pine Ridge Purely Paws Inn & Spa Ltd   204-222-6971 M, D 
Sharon Yarduk Winnipeg   535 Yale Ave E 204-791-6575 S, D
Sherry McFarlane Friedensruh Wags to Riches Dog Grooming 15 Harris Ave 204-331-1608
Sherry Shears Winnipeg   Sherry Shears Pet Grooming 373 Strathmillan Rd 204-777-7297 S, D, C
Sue Nestruck Winnipeg   Best West Paw Spaw 492 St Anne's Rd 204-257-4044 S, D 
Tanis McIntosh Morden  McBarn Kennels  NW36 - 2 - 5W 204-325-2105 S, D, C
Tiffany Penner
Winnipeg         S, D 
Victoria Eddy Winnipeg   Woofs N Wags 492 St Annes Rd 204-255-9247 S, D 
Wendy Maes Winnipeg Lynn Professional 217 Brady Rd 204-487-3908 S, D, C, O


 If any members are listed and do not want to be, or if your contact information changes please let us know: PPGAM Secretary - PPGAM Web Editor

Definition of Certified Groomer
A groomer may receive a certificate from the school or instructor they were taught by but that does not constitute certification.
Certification is currently not required by law for a groomer to be able to groom dogs.
These are some of the recognized organizations that certify groomers:  CPPS  |  IPG  |  NDGAA  |  ISCC

Expression of anal glands is considered to be a medical procedure by the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association
and should only be done by a veterinarian or an Animal Health Technician who is under the direct or indirect supervision of a Vet.

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