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Supporting Professional Groomers of Manitoba & Beyond Since 1995

PPGAM is a not for profit association, comprised of dedicated professionals, working for the common interests of professional pet groomers and their industry, based in Winnipeg and serving the Province of Manitoba, Canada.

We, as members of the PPGAM, encourage harmony and co-operation amongst the grooming community at all times by conducting ourselves in a professional and forthright manner.

We use a combination of gentle handling techniques and proper grooming protocol to provide services to our clientele, and above all, we treat pets in our care with great understanding and affection.

We are dedicated to making your pet's grooming experience a pleasant one.

Our group is also dedicated to:

  • Promoting fellowship among groomers
  • Furthering education
  • Supplying members with tips to save time and money
  • Seminars
  • Information Sessions


ProFur Insurance for Pet Care Professionals PPGAM discountThis is not the same kind of “accident” insurance that you get with your PPGAM membership, this is liability insurance and coverage for your equipment etc. It will cover you if you get robbed,  if a dog escapes and get hit in traffic or if someone decides to sue you for hitting a quick when clipping nails.

Please contact Jennifer directly if you have any questions or would like a quote. They offer a discount to anyone who has a pet first aid certificate, is a CPG or IPG member as well.

Hilton Insurance Services

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